Sun OpenSSO Enterprise Policy Agent 3.0 User's Guide for Web Agents

Not-Enforced Lists

Both agent types support not-enforced lists. These lists allow for the regular authentication and authorization processes to be bypassed. Two types of not-enforced lists exist: a not-enforced URI/URL list and a not-enforced IP Address list.

A not-enforced URI/URL list is a list of URIs or URLs that are not protected by an agent.

A resource represented by a URI/URL on a not-enforced URI/URL list is widely available, without restrictions. This list can be set to have a reverse meaning. With a reverse meaning, only URIs/URLs on the list are protected. All other URIs/URLs are not protected.

A not-enforced IP Address list is a list of IP addresses that are automatically allowed access to resources. When a user is using a computer that has an IP address on the not-enforced IP address list, that user is allowed access to all the resources protected by the respective agent.