Sun OpenSSO Enterprise Policy Agent 3.0 User's Guide for Web Agents

agentadmin --usage

This section demonstrates the format and use of the agentadmin command with the --usage option.

Example 3–22 Command Format: agentadmin --usage

The following example illustrates the format of the agentadmin command with the --usage option:

./agentadmin --usage

No arguments are currently supported with the agentadmin command when using the --usage option.

Example 3–23 Command Usage: agentadmin --usage

Issuing the agentadmin command with the --usage option provides you with a list of the options available with the agentadmin program and a short explanation of each option. The following text is the output you receive after issuing this command:

./agentadmin --usage 

Usage: agentadmin <option> [<arguments>]

The available options are:
--install: Installs a new Agent instance.
--custom-install: Installs a new Agent instance
--uninstall: Uninstalls an existing Agent instance.
--version: Displays the version information.
--uninstallAll: Uninstalls all the agent instances.
--migrate: migrate agent to newer one
--listAgents: Displays details of all the configured agents.
--agentInfo: Displays details of the agent corresponding to the specified
agent ID.
--encrypt: Encrypts a given string.
--getEncryptKey: Generates an Agent Encryption key.
--usage: Display the usage message.
--help: Displays a brief help message.