Sun OpenSSO Enterprise Policy Agent 3.0 User's Guide for Web Agents

agentadmin --agentInfo

This section demonstrates the format and use of the agentadmin command with the --agentInfo option.

Example 3–10 Command Format: agentadmin --agentInfo

The following example illustrates the format of the agentadmin command with the --agentInfo option:

./agentadmin --agentInfo AgentInstance-Dir

The following argument is supported with the agentadmin command when using the --agentInfo option:


Use this option to specify which agent instance directory, therefore which agent instance, such as Agent_002, you are requesting information about.

Example 3–11 Command Usage: agentadmin --agentInfo

Issuing the agentadmin command with the --agentInfo option provides you with information on the specific agent instance that you name in the command. For example, if you want information about an agent instance named Agent_002, you can issue the command illustrated in the following example:

./agentadmin --agentInfo Agent_002