Deployment Example: Single Sign-On, Load Balancing and Failover Using Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0

ProcedureTo Create a Base Suffix for the User Data Instance on Directory Server 1

Use this procedure to create the base suffix in which the user entries will be stored.

Before You Begin

This procedure assumes you have just completed To Create an OpenSSO Enterprise User Data Instance on Directory Server 1 and are still logged into the ds-1 host machine as a root user.

  1. Run dsconf create-suffix to create a base suffix.

    # ./dsconf create-suffix -p 1489 -B dbExample 
    -L /var/opt/mps/am-users/db/exampleDS dc=company,dc=com
  2. Provide the appropriate information when prompted.

    Certificate "CN=ds-1, CN=1736, CN=directory Server, O=Sun Microsystems" 
    presented by the server is not trusted.
    Type "Y" to accept, "y" to accept just once, "n" to refuse, "d" for more details: Y
    Enter "cn=Directory Manager" password: dsmanager

    Tip –

    When you enter an uppercase Y, you are not asked for the certificate again in the next steps.

  3. Run dsconf list-suffixes to verify that the base suffix was successfully created.

    # ./dsconf list-suffixes -p 1489
    Enter "cn=Directory Manager" password: dsmanager

    If the base suffix was successfully created, dc=company,dc=com is returned. You can also see am-users in a command line list of directory instances.

    # cd /var/opt/mps
    # ls
    am-users serverroot
  4. Log out of the ds–1 host machine.