Deployment Example: Single Sign-On, Load Balancing and Failover Using Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0

ProcedureTo Deploy the OpenSSO Enterprise WAR as OpenSSO Enterprise 1

Before You Begin

This procedure assumes you have just completed To Generate an OpenSSO Enterprise WAR on the OpenSSO Enterprise 1 Host Machine and are still logged into the osso–1 host machine

  1. On the osso–1 host machine, switch to the non-root user osso80adm.

    # su osso80adm
  2. Start the ossodomain domain.

    # cd /export/osso80adm/domains/ossodomain/bin
    # ./startserv
    admin username:domain2adm
    admin password:domain2pwd
    master password:domain2master
    Redirecting output to /export/osso80adm/domains/ossodomain/logs/server.log
  3. Run asadm deploy to deploy the OpenSSO Enterprise WAR.

    # cd /opt/SUNWappserver91/bin
    # ./asadm deploy --user domain2adm --host 
    --port=8989 --contextroot opensso --name opensso --target server 
    Please enter the admin password> domain2pwd
    Command deploy executed successfully.
  4. List the contents of the j2ee-modules directory to verify that the WAR file was successfully deployed.

    # cd /export/osso80adm/domains/ossodomain/applications/j2ee-modules
    # ls -al
    total 6
    drwxr-xr-x   3 osso80adm staff      512 Aug 5 14:01 .
    drwxr-xr-x   6 osso80adm staff      512 Aug 5 14:55 ..
    drwxr-xr-x  21 osso80adm staff     1024 Aug 5 14:01 opensso

    opensso exists in the directory and is owned by the non-root user osso80adm.

  5. Log out of the osso–1 host machine.