Deployment Example: Single Sign-On, Load Balancing and Failover Using Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0

ProcedureTo Create a Sub Realm

When a sub realm is created it inherits configuration data (including which user data store) from / (Top Level Realm) (the default root realm) and uses it to authenticate users. The user data store can be modified per sub realm. In this deployment, we use the inherited GenericLDAPv3 data store.

  1. Access from a web browser.

  2. Log in to the OpenSSO Enterprise console as the administrator.

    User Name:




  3. Click the Access Control tab.

  4. Click New to create a new realm.

    The New Realm page is displayed.

  5. Set the following attribute values on the New Realm page.


    Enter users.

    Realm/DNS Aliases

    Enter users in the New Value field and click Add.

  6. Click OK.

    The users realm is listed as a sub realm of / (Top Level Realm), the root realm.