Deployment Example: Single Sign-On, Load Balancing and Failover Using Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0

ProcedureTo Modify the J2EE Policy Agent 2 Configuration

The J2EE policy agent can operate in local or centralized mode. The centralized option was selected during the custom installation of the agent. Centralized agent configuration stores agent configuration data in a data store managed by OpenSSO Enterprise. In this deployment, J2EE policy agents are configured in centralized mode meaning that any configuration changes must be made using the OpenSSO Enterprise server. For more information, see Centralized Agent Configuration in Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Technical Overview.

  1. Access from a web browser.

  2. Log in to the OpenSSO Enterprise console as the administrator.

    User Name:




  3. Under the Access Control tab, click / (Top Level Realm).

  4. Click the Agents tab.

  5. Click the J2EE tab.

    j2eeagent-2 is displayed under the Agent table.

  6. Click j2eeagent-2.

    The j2eeagent-2 properties page is displayed.

  7. Click the Miscellaneous tab.

    The Miscellaneous properties page is displayed.

  8. Provide the user name of the Application Server administrator in the Bypass Principal List and click Add.

    Enter weblogic to ensure that the administrator will be authenticated against WebLogic itself and not OpenSSO Enterprise.

  9. Click Save.

  10. Exit the console and close the browser.