Sun OpenSSO Enterprise Policy Agent 3.0 Guide for Apache Tomcat 6.0

Deploying the Agent Application

The agent application (agentapp.war) is a housekeeping application used by the agent for notifications and other functions such as cross domain single sign-on (CDSSO) support.

ProcedureTo Deploy the Agent Application

  1. The agent application (agentapp.war) is bundled with the distribution file and is available as follows after you unzip the file:


  2. Deploy agentapp.war on the Tomcat 6.0 instance by copying agentapp.war to the Tomcat 6.0 webapps directory.

    Important: You must use the same deployment URI that you specified for the “Agent URL” prompt during the agent installation. For example, if you accepted the default value (/agentapp) as the deployment URI for the agent application, use this same URI to deploy agentapp.war.