Sun OpenSSO Enterprise Policy Agent 3.0 Guide for Apache HTTP Server 2.0.x

ProcedureTo Set the IBM JDK/JRE for IBM AIX Systems

  1. After you download and unzip the Apache HTTP Server 2.0.x agent distribution file for AIX, locate the agentadmin script in the following directory:

    AgentHome/web_agents/apache_agent/bin, where AgentHome is where you unzipped the agent distribution file.

  2. In the agentadmin script, comment out the following line, which sets the regular JDK/JRE classpath:

    $JAVA_VM -classpath "$AGENT_CLASSPATH" $*
  3. In the agentadmin script, uncomment the following line at the end of the file, which sets the IBM JDK/JRE classpath:

    #$JAVA_VM -DamKeyGenDescriptor.provider=IBMJCE -DamCryptoDescriptor.provider=IBMJCE 
    -DamRandomGenProvider=IBMJCE -classpath "$AGENT_CLASSPATH" $*
  4. Save your changes.