Sun OpenSSO Enterprise Policy Agent 3.0 Guide for Apache HTTP Server 2.2.x

Creating an Agent Profile

A web agent uses an agent profile to communicate with Oracle OpenSSO server. For a version 3.0 agent, however, you must create an agent profile using any of these three methods:

ProcedureTo Create an Agent Profile in the Oracle OpenSSO Console

  1. Login into the Oracle OpenSSO Administration Console as amAdmin.

  2. Click Access Control, realm-name, Agents, and Web.

  3. Under Agent, click New.

  4. In the Name field, enter the name for the new agent profile.

  5. Enter and confirm the Password.

    Important: This password must be the same password that you enter in the agent profile password file that you specify when you run the agentadmin program to install the agent.

  6. In the Configuration field, check the location where the agent configuration properties are stored:

    • Local: In the file on the server where the agent is installed.

    • Centralized: In the Oracle OpenSSO server central configuration data repository.

  7. In the Server URL field, enter the Oracle OpenSSO server URL.

    For example:

  8. In the Agent URL field, enter the URL for the agent.

    For example:

  9. Click Create.

    The console creates the agent profile and displays the WebAgent page again with a link to the new agent profile.

    To do additional configuration for the agent, click this link to display the Edit agent page. For information about the agent configuration fields, see the Console online Help.

    If you prefer, you can also use the ssoadm command-line utility to edit the agent profile. For more information, see the Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Administration Reference.