Sun OpenSSO Enterprise Policy Agent 3.0 Guide for Apache HTTP Server 2.2.x

Installing the Apache HTTP Server 2.2.x Agent Using the agentadmin Program

Procedure To Install the Apache HTTP Server 2.2.x Agent Using the agentadmin Program

  1. Login into the server where you want to install the agent.

    Important: To install the agent, you must have write permission to the files and directories for the Apache HTTP Server instance.

  2. Stop the Apache HTTP Server instance.

  3. Change to the PolicyAgent-base/bin directory. For example:

    # cd /opt/web_agents/apache22_agent/bin

  4. Start the agent installation. For example:

    # ./agentadmin --custom-install

    On Windows systems, run the agentadmin.bat program.

  5. Enter information as requested by the agentadmin program, or accept the default values displayed by the program.

    After you have made your choices, the agentadmin program displays a summary of your responses. For example:

    Apache Server Config Directory : /opt/apache-2.2.11/conf
    OpenSSO server URL :
    Agent URL :
    Agent Profile name : Apache22Agent
    Agent Profile Password file name : /tmp/apache22agentpw
    Verify your settings above and decide from the choices below.
    1. Continue with Installation
    2. Back to the last interaction
    3. Start Over
    4. Exit
    Please make your selection [1]: 1
  6. Verify your choices and either continue with the installation (selection 1, the default) , or make any necessary changes.

    If you continue, the program installs the agent and displays a summary of the installation. For example:

    Agent instance name: Agent_001
    Agent Bootstrap file location:
    Agent Configuration Tag file location
    Agent Audit directory location:
    Agent Debug directory location:
    Install log file location:
  7. After the installation finishes successfully, if you wish, check the installation log file in the /installer-logs/audit directory

  8. Restart the Apache HTTP Server instance for the agent.

Agent Installation Program Functions

The agent installation program performs these functions: