Sun OpenSSO Enterprise Policy Agent 3.0 Guide for Apache HTTP Server 2.2.x

ProcedureTo Disable the Trust Behavior of the Apache HTTP Server Agent

  1. Find the Apache HTTP Server 2.2.x agent's file in the agent's /config directory. For example:


  2. In the file, set the SSL-related properties, depending on your specific deployment.

    Note: These properties have new names for version 3.0 web agents.

    • Disable the option to trust the server certificate sent over SSL by the Oracle OpenSSO host server: = false

    • Specify the certificate database directory. For example:

      com.sun.identity.agents.config.sslcert.dir = /opt/apache-2.2.11/conf/certdb

    • If the certificate database directory has multiple certificate databases, set the following property to the prefix of the database you want to use. For example:

      com.sun.identity.agents.config.certdb.prefix = prefix-

    • Specify the certificate database password:

      com.sun.identity.agents.config.certdb.password = password

    • Specify the certificate database alias:

      com.sun.identity.agents.config.certificate.alias = alias-name

  3. Save the changes to the file.

    The agent uses information in the file to start and initialize itself and to communicate with Oracle OpenSSO server.