Sun OpenSSO Enterprise Policy Agent 3.0 Guide for Apache HTTP Server 2.2.x

ProcedureTo Set the IBM JDK/JRE for IBM AIX Systems

Perform this task only if you are installing the Apache HTTP Server 2.2.x agent on an IBM AIX system and you are using the IBM JDK/JRE.

  1. After you download and unzip the Apache HTTP Server 2.2.x agent distribution file for AIX, locate the agentadmin script in the following directory:

    AgentHome/web_agents/apache22_agent/bin, where AgentHome is where you unzipped the agent distribution file.

  2. In the agentadmin script, comment out the following line, which sets the regular JDK/JRE classpath:

    $JAVA_VM -classpath "$AGENT_CLASSPATH" $*
  3. In the agentadmin script, uncomment the following line at the end of the file, which sets the IBM JDK/JRE classpath:

    #$JAVA_VM -DamKeyGenDescriptor.provider=IBMJCE -DamCryptoDescriptor.provider=IBMJCE 
    -DamRandomGenProvider=IBMJCE -classpath "$AGENT_CLASSPATH" $*
  4. Save your changes.