Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Update 1 Release Notes

Planning Your Patch Operation

ProcedureTo Plan Your Patch Operation for OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0

  1. Read the Overview of the ssopatch Utility.

  2. Install the patch utility for your platform, as described in Installing the ssopatch Utility.

  3. Get information about your existing WAR file, to determine if your existing WAR file has been customized or modified, as described in Comparing an OpenSSO Enterprise WAR File to Its Internal Manifest.

  4. Compare your existing WAR file and the Update 1 WAR file, to return the files customized in the original WAR, files updated in the new WAR file, and files added or deleted between the two WAR versions, as described in Comparing Two OpenSSO Enterprise WAR Files.

  5. Backup and archive your existing Opensso WAR file, as described in Backing Up an OpenSSO Enterprise WAR File.

  6. Patch your OpenSSO Enterprise WAR File, as described in Patching an OpenSSO Enterprise WAR File.

  7. Run the updateschema script, as described in Running the updateschema Script.

    Note - If you are patching a specialized WAR file that you generated from an opensso.war, such as an OpenSSO server only, administration console only, Distributed Authentication UI server, or IDP Discovery Service WAR, see Patching a Specialized OpenSSO Enterprise WAR.