Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Update 1 Release Notes

Creating an OpenSSO Enterprise WAR Manifest File

An OpenSSO manifest file is a text file that identifies all of the individual files in a WAR file for a specific release, with checksum information for each file.

Use this procedure to create a manifest file that you can include in a specialized OpenSSO Enterprise WAR, such as an OpenSSO Enterprise server only, administration console only, Distributed Authentication UI server, or IDP Discovery Service WAR

To Create an OpenSSO Enterprise WAR Manifest File

  1. Run ssopatch to create the OpenSSO manifest file. For example:

    ./ssopatch -o zip-root/opensso/deployable-war/opensso.war --manifest /tmp/manifest

    where opensso.war is an existing OpenSSO Enterprise WAR file.

    The ssopatch utility creates a new manifest file named manifest in the the /tmp directory.

  2. To allow the WAR file to be patched, copy this new manifest file to the META-INF directory inside the opensso.war file. For example:

    mkdir META-INF
    cp /tmp/manifest META-INF
    jar uf opensso.war META-INF/manifest