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Oracle® OpenSSO 8.0 Update 2 Release Notes
Release 8.0

Part Number E28339-03
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The Oracle OpenSSO 8.0 Update 2 Release Notes provide information about downloading and installing OpenSSO Update 2, including patch releases. This document also contains information about changes to the software since the OpenSSO Update 1 release. This Preface includes:

Who Should Use This Book

This document is intended for enterprise administrators and developers who are deploying Oracle OpenSSO 8.0 Update 2, including patch releases. You should already be familiar with concepts and procedures described in the core product documentation.

Related Books

These Release Notes supplement the Oracle OpenSSO 8.0 product documentation at the following URL:

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Convention Meaning


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Shell Prompts in Command Examples

The following table shows the default UNIX system prompt and superuser prompt for shells that are included in the Oracle Solaris OS. Note that the default system prompt that is displayed in command examples varies, depending on the Oracle Solaris release.

Shell Prompt

Bash shell, Korn shell, and Bourne shell


Bash shell, Korn shell, and Bourne shell for superuser


C shell


C shell for superuser