System Administration Guide: IP Services

Configuring the Multipathing Configuration File

The multipathing /etc/default/mpathd configuration file contains three parameters that you can adjust for your configuration requirements:

See Multipathing Configuration File for a description of these parameters.

How to Configure the Multipathing Configuration File

  1. Become superuser.

  2. Edit the /etc/default/mpathd and change the default value of one or more of the three parameters by using one or more of the following substeps.

    1. Type the new value for the FAILURE_DETECTION_TIME parameter.

    2. Type the new value for the FAILBACK parameter.

      FAILBACK=[yes | no]
    3. Type the new value for the TRACK_INTERFACES_ONLY_WITH_GROUPS parameter.

  3. On a command line, type the following command.

    # pkill -HUP in.mpathd