System Administration Guide: IP Services

/etc/inet/ike/publickeys Directory

The /etc/inet/ike/publickeys directory contains the public part of a public-private key pair and its certificate in files, or “slots”. The /etc/inet/ike directory is protected at 0755. The public-key databases that are stored under it are world-readable (0644). You use the ikecert certdb command to populate the directory.

The files contain, in encoded form, the X.509 distinguished name of a certificate that was generated on another system. If you are using self-signed certificates, you use the certificate that you receive from the administrator of the communicating system as input to the command. If you are using certificates from a PKI, you install two pieces of keying material from the vendor into this database — a certificate based on material you sent to the vendor, and a CA from the vendor.

An evaluation copy of the iPlanet CMS, a PKI, is available on the Media Kit in the installation package.