System Administration Guide: IP Services

How to Create a Multihomed Host

  1. Become superuser on the prospective multihomed host.

  2. Create an /etc/hostname.interface file for each additional network interface that is installed in the machine.

  3. Type the following:

    % touch /etc/notrouter

    This command creates an empty file that is called /etc/notrouter.

  4. Reboot the machine.

When the machine reboots, the startup script checks for the presence of the /etc/notrouter file. If the file exists, the startup script does not run in.routed -s or in.rdisc -r. The file also does not turn on IP forwarding on all interfaces that are configured “up” by ifconfig. This process happens regardless of whether an /etc/gateways file exists. Thus the machine is now a multihomed host.