System Administration Guide: IP Services

Sample Network

The following figure shows the hosts of a fictitious network with the network number 192.9.200. The network has one network configuration server, the machine sahara. Machines tenere and nubian have their own disks and run in local files mode. Machine faiyum also has a disk, but this machine operates in network client mode.

Finally, the machine timbuktu is configured as a router. The machine includes two network interfaces. The first interface is named timbuktu. This interface belongs to network 192.9.200. The second interface is named timbuktu-201. This interface belongs to network 192.9.201. Both networks are in the organizational domain The domain uses local files as its name service.

Most examples in this chapter use the network that is shown in the following figure.

Figure 4–1 Hosts in a Sample Network

Diagram shows a sample network with one network server that serves four hosts.