System Administration Guide: IP Services

Implementing IPsec Task Map

Table 20–1 Implementing IPsec Task Map



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Secure traffic between two IPv6 systems 

Involves adding addresses to the /etc/inet/ipnodes file, entering IPsec policy in the /etc/inet/ipsecinit.conf file, manually adding keys with the ipseckey command, and invoking the ipsecinit.conf file.

How to Secure Traffic Between Two Systems

Secure a Web server by using IPsec policy 

Involves enabling only secure traffic by entering different security requirements for different ports in the ipsecinit.conf file, and activating the file.

How to Secure a Web Server

Set up a virtual private network 

Involves turning off IP forwarding, turning on IP strict destination multihoming, disabling most network and Internet services, adding security associations, and configuring a secure tunnel. Also involves turning on IP forwarding, configuring a default route, and running the routing protocol. 

How to Set Up a Virtual Private Network

Replace current security associations 

Involves flushing current security associations and entering new ones on every affected system. 

How to Replace Current Security Associations