System Administration Guide: IP Services

Mobile Node

The Address section for a mobile node contains the Type and SPI labels that define the address type and SPI identifier. The Address section has the following syntax:

[Address address]
     Type = node
     SPI = SPI-identifier

You must include an Address section in a home agent's configuration file for each mobile node that is supported.

If Mobile IP message authentication is required between the foreign and home agent, you must include an Address section for each peer with which an agent needs to communicate.

The SPI value that you configure must represent an SPI section that is present in the configuration file.

You can also configure private addresses for a mobile node.

The following table describes the labels and values that you can use in the Address section for a mobile node.

Table 25–5 Address Section Labels and Values—Mobile Node






Specifies that the entry is for a mobile node 



Specifies the SPI value for the associated entry