System Administration Guide: IP Services

Monitoring IPv6 Task Map

Table 15–2 Monitoring IPv6 Task Map



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Display interface address assignments 

Displays all, or just IPv4, or just IPv6 address assignments by using ifconfig command.

How to Display Interface Address Assignments

Display network status 

Displays all sockets and routing table entries. Displays inet address family for IPv4. Displays inet6 address family for IPv6. Displays statistics for IPv6 or ICMPv6 counters of interfaces by using the netstat command.

How to Display Network Status

Control the display output of IPv6 related commands 

Controls the output of the ping, netstat, ifconfig, and traceroute commands. Creates a file that is named inet_type. Sets the DEFAULT_IP variable in this file.

How to Control the Display Output of IPv6 Related Commands

Monitor only IPv6 network traffic 

Displays all IPv6 packets by using the snoop command.

How to Monitor Only IPv6 Network Traffic

Probe all multihomed host addresses 

Checks all addresses by using the ping command.

How to Probe All Multihomed Host Addresses

Trace all routes 

Uses the traceroute command.

How to Trace All Routes