System Administration Guide: Resource Management and Network Services

How to Turn on PPP Debugging

The next task shows how to use the pppd command to obtain debugging information.

Note –

You only need to perform step 1 through step 3 once for each host. Thereafter, you can proceed to step 4 to turn on debugging for the host.

  1. Create a log file to hold output from pppd.

    % touch /var/log/pppdebug

  2. Add the following syslog facilities for pppd in /etc/syslog.conf.

    daemon.debug;local2.debug       /var/log/pppdebug

  3. Restart syslogd.

    % pkill -HUP -x syslogd

  4. Turn on debugging for calls to a particular peer by using the following syntax of pppd.

    % pppd debug call peer-name 

    peer-name must be the name of a file in the /etc/ppp/peers directory.

  5. View the contents of the log file.

    % tail -f /var/log/pppdebug

    For an example of a log file, see Example 35–3.