System Administration Guide: Resource Management and Network Services

UUCP Type Field

This field describes the type of link that the device establishes. The UUCP Type field can contain one of the keywords that is described in the sections that follow.

Direct Keyword

The Direct keyword appears mainly in entries for cu connections. This keyword indicates that the link is a direct link to another computer or a port selector. Create a separate entry for each line that you want to reference through the -l option of cu.

ACU Keyword

The ACU keyword indicates that the link to a remote computer (whether through cu, UUCP, asppp, or Solaris PPP 4.0) is made through a modem. This modem can be connected either directly to your computer or indirectly through a port selector.

Port Selector

This is a variable that is replaced in the Type field by the name of a port selector. Port selectors are devices that are attached to a network that prompts for the name of a calling modem, then grant access. The file /etc/uucp/Dialers contains caller scripts only for the micom and develcon port selectors. You can add your own port selector entries to the Dialers file. See UUCP /etc/uucp/Dialers File for more information.


This variable is replaced by the name of a machine in the Type field, indicating that the link is a direct link to this particular computer. This naming scheme is used to associate the line in this Devices entry with an entry in /etc/uucp/Systems for the computer Sys-Name.

Type Field and /etc/uucp/Systems File

Example 40–5 shows a comparison between the fields in /etc/uucp/Devices and fields in /etc/uucp/Systems. The titles of each column apply only to fields in the Devices file.

The keyword that is used in the Type field of the Devices file is matched against the third field of the Systems file entries. In the Devices file, the Type field has the entry ACUEC, indicating an automatic call unit, in this instance a V.32bis modem. This value is matched against the third field in the Systems file, which also contains the entry ACUEC. See UUCP /etc/uucp/Systems File for more information.

Example 40–5 Type Field and /etc/uucp/Systems File Equivalent

File Name Type   Line  Line2 Class Dialer-Token-Pairs
Devices   ACUEC  cua/a -     38400 usrv32bis-ec
System    nubian Any   ACUEC 38400 9998888 ““ \d\d\r\n\c-ogin-\r\n\c-ogin.......