System Administration Guide: Security Services

ACL Entries for Files

The following table lists the valid ACL entries that you might use when setting file ACLs. The first three ACL entries provide the basic UNIX file protection.

Table 15–8 ACL Entries for Files

ACL Entry 



File owner permissions. 


File group permissions. 


Permissions for users other than the file owner or members of the file group. 


The ACL mask. The mask entry indicates the maximum permissions that are allowed for users (other than the owner) and for groups. The mask is a quick way to change permissions on all the users and groups. 

For example, the mask:r-- mask entry indicates that users and groups cannot have more than read permissions, even though they might have write and execute permissions.


Permissions for a specific user. For uid, you can specify either a user name or a numeric UID.


Permissions for a specific group. For gid, you can specify either a group name or a numeric GID.