Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Transition Guide

To Log In to CDE for the First Time

  1. Display the login screen on your workstation.

  2. Choose Session from the Options menu.

  3. Select Common Desktop Environment (CDE).

    The CDE logo is displayed on the login screen.

  4. Type your username and click OK.

    Use your standard UNIX username and password. If you previously used OpenWindows, try the username and password you used for that environment, otherwise contact your system administrator.

    The login screen prompts you to enter your password.

  5. Type your password and click OK.

    CDE logs you in and displays the default workspace, the Front Panel, and a welcome message.

    Note -

    For more information on logging in, see "Chapter 2, Starting a Desktop Session" in Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide.

Now read the following topics and explore the CDE desktop.