Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Transition Guide

Drag and Drop

As in OpenWindows, in CDE you can drag a selected object or text from one location to another inside the application, or from one application to another. Unlike OpenWindows, CDE does not enable you to drop objects on a minimized program icon, but it enables you to drop objects and text on the Front Panel.

Table 1-3 Drag and Drop Behavior
 Task or Feature OpenWindows Behavior CDE Behavior
 Drop an icon on the workspace Launches application Creates reference to item (original item still appears in File Manager)
 Drop text or files on message area in Mailer Inserts in message body Only supported for Compose window. Inserts text at insertion point and attaches files.
 Drop text or files in Attachments area in Mailer Attaches messages

Attaches files to message being composed 

Attaches dropped text as text file 

 Drop text into text window Text appears at drop point Text appears at insertion point (same as choosing Include from the File menu)
 Drop a file on a minimized application Application runs its default action (such as opening or printing the file) if it is of the appropriate type Not supported

See also "Chapter 1, Basic Skills" in Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide.