Solaris 9 Installation Guide

Solaris suninstall Program

The Solaris suninstall program on the Solaris 9 Software 1 of 2 CD is run with a command-line interface (CLI). The Solaris suninstall program guides you step-by-step through installing or upgrading to the Solaris 9 software. This installation method is good if you are running the minimum of 96 Mbytes memory and running international locales.

The Solaris suninstall program only installs the Solaris operating environment software. This program does not know of third-party applications or network downloadable software. You must install third-party applications after you have installed the Solaris operating environment. Also, you are prompted to enter system configuration information during installation, so suninstall is not the most efficient installation method for installing several systems. The Solaris Web Start program enables you to install third-party applications. Or, for batch installations of a large number of systems, use custom JumpStart or the Web Start Flash installation feature.

For detailed instructions, refer to Chapter 15, Using the Solaris suninstall Program (Tasks).