Solaris Modular Debugger Guide

File Systems

The MDB file systems debugging support includes a built-in facility to convert vnode pointers to the corresponding file system path name. This conversion is performed using the Directory Name Lookup Cache (DNLC); because the cache does not hold all active vnodes, some vnodes might not be able to be converted to path names and “??” is displayed instead of a name.



Display a table of mounted file systems, including the vfs_t address, ops vector, and mount point of each file system.


Display a table of vnodes with active network locks registered with the lock manager. The pathname corresponding to each vnode is shown.

address ::vnode2path [-v]

Display the pathname corresponding to the given vnode address. If the -v option is specified, the dcmd prints a more verbose display, including the vnode pointer of each intermediate path component.



Iterate over the set of active block I/O transfer structures (buf_t structures). The buf structure is defined in <sys/buf.h> and is described in more detail in buf(9S).