Solaris Modular Debugger Guide


address ::binding_hash_entry

Given the address of a kernel name-to-major number binding hash table entry (struct bind), display the node binding name, major number, and pointer to the next element.

::devbindings device-name

Display the list of all instances of the named driver. The output consists of an entry for each instance, beginning with the pointer to the struct dev_info (viewable with $<devinfo or ::devinfo), the driver name, the instance number, and the driver and system properties associated with that instance.

address ::devinfo [ -q ]

Print the system and driver properties associated with a devinfo node. If the -q option is specified, only a quick summary of the device node is shown.

address ::devinfo2driver

Print the name of the driver (if any) associated with the devinfo node.

[ address ] ::devnames [ -v ]

Display the kernel's devnames table along with the dn_head pointer, which points at the driver instance list. If the -v flag is specified, additional information stored at each entry in the devnames table is displayed.

[ devinfo ] ::prtconf [ -cpv ]

Display the kernel device tree starting at the device node specified by devinfo. If devinfo is not provided, the root of the device tree is assumed by default. If the -c option is specified, only children of the given device node are displayed. If the -p option is specified, only ancestors of the given device node are displayed. If -v is specified, the properties associated with each node are displayed.

[ major-num ] ::major2name [ major-num ]

Display the driver name corresponding to the specified major number. The major number can be specified as an expression preceding the dcmd or as a command-line argument.

[ address ] ::modctl2devinfo

Print all of the device nodes that correspond to the specified modctl address.

::name2major driver-name

Given a device driver name, display its major number.

[ address ] ::softstate [ instance-number ]

Given a softstate state pointer (see ddi_soft_state_init(9F)) and a device instance number, display the soft state for that instance.