Solaris Modular Debugger Guide


The following operands are supported:


Specifies an ELF format object file to examine. mdb provides the ability to examine and edit ELF format executables (ET_EXEC), ELF dynamic library files (ET_DYN), ELF relocatable object files (ET_REL), and operating system unix.X symbol table files.


Specifies an ELF process core file (ET_CORE), or an operating system crash dump vmcore.X file. If an ELF core file operand is provided without a corresponding object file, mdb will attempt to infer the name of the executable file that produced the core using several different algorithms. If no executable is found, mdb will still execute, but some symbol information may be unavailable.


Specifies the numerical suffix representing a pair of operating system crash dump files. For example, if the suffix is '3', mdb infers that it should examine the files 'unix.3' and 'vmcore.3'. The string of digits will not be interpreted as a suffix if an actual file of the same name is present in the current directory.