Solaris Tunable Parameters Reference Manual

Overview of Tuning TCP/IP Parameters

You can set all of the tuning parameters described in this chapter with the ndd command, except for the following two parameters that can only be set in the /etc/system file:

Use the following syntax to set TCP/IP parameters with the ndd command.

# ndd -set driver parameter

For example, the following ndd command disables IP forwarding.

# ndd -set /dev/ip ip_forwarding 0

For more information, see ndd(1M).

To set a TCP/IP parameter across system reboots, include the appropriate ndd command in a system startup script. Use the following guidelines to create a system startup script to include ndd commands:

For more information on creating a startup script, see “Run Control Scripts” in System Administration Guide: Basic Administration.

TCP/IP Parameter Validation

All of the TCP/IP parameters described in this section are checked to verify they fall in the parameter range, which is provided in each tunable section, except for the two parameters that can be set only in the /etc/system file described above. For more information, see the validation section for tcp_conn_hash_size and ipc_tcp_conn_hash_size.

Internet Request for Comments (RFCs)

Internet protocol and standard specifications are described in RFC documents. You can get copies of RFCs by using anonymous ftp to the machine. Browse RFC topics by viewing the rfc-index.txt file at this site.