Solaris Tunable Parameters Reference Manual

pages_pp_maximum (Pre-Solaris 9 Releases)


Defines the number of pages that the system requires be unlocked. If a request to lock pages would force available memory below this value, that request is refused.

Data Type

Unsigned long


Maximum of the triplet (200, tune_t_minarmem + 100, [10% of memory available at boot time])


Default value to no more than 20% of physical memory. The systems does no enforcement of this range other than that described in the Validation section.




Yes, unless dynamic reconfiguration operations that add or delete memory occur. At that point, the value is reset to whatever was provided in the /etc/system file or was calculated.


Maximum of the quadruplet (200, tune_t_minarmem + 100, [10% of memory available], and the value from /etc/system). No message is displayed if the value from /etc/system is increased. Done only at boot time.

When to Change

When memory locking requests or attaching to a shared memory segment with the SHARE_MMU flag fails, yet the amount of memory available seems to be sufficient. Keeping 10% of memory free on a 32-Gbyte system might be excessive.

Excessively large values can cause memory locking requests to fail unnecessarily.

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