Solaris Tunable Parameters Reference Manual



If set to 2, TCP always sends SYN segment with the selective acknowledgment (SACK) permitted option. If TCP receives a SYN segment with a SACK-permitted option and this parameter is set to 1, TCP responds with a SACK-permitted option. If the parameter is set to 0, TCP does not send a SACK-permitted option, regardless of whether the incoming segment contains the SACK permitted option or not.

Refer to RFC 2018 for information on the SACK option.


2 (active enabled)


0 (disabled), 1 (passive enabled), 2 (active enabled)



When to Change

SACK processing can improve TCP retransmission performance so it should be actively enabled. If, in some circumstances, the other side can be confused with the SACK option actively enabled, set the value to 1 so that SACK processing is enabled only when incoming connections allow SACK processing.

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