Solaris Common Desktop Environment: Advanced User's and System Administrator's Guide

Setting Application Resources

Resources are used by applications to set certain aspects of appearance and behavior. For example, Style Manager (dtstyle) provides resources that enable you to specify where the system looks for files containing information about color palettes:

dtstyle*paletteDirectories: /usr/dt/palettes/C  HomeDirectory/.dt/palettes

App-default files for the desktop applications are located in the /usr/dt/app-defaults/language directory.

To Set System-Wide Resources

    Add the resources to the file /etc/dt/config/language/sys.resources. (You may have to create the file.)

For example, if in /etc/dt/config/C/sys.resources you specify:

AnApplication*resource: value

then the resource AnApplication*resource will be set in each user's RESOURCE_MANAGER property at the next login.

Note –

For more information about Style Manager resources, see the dtstyle man page. For more information about Mailer resources, see the dtmail man page.

To Set Personal Resources

  1. Add the resources to the file HomeDirectory/.Xdefaults.

  2. Double-click Reload Resources in the Desktop_Tools application group.

How the Desktop Loads Resources

Resources are loaded at session startup by Session Manager. For information on how Session Manager loads the resources into the RESOURCE_MANAGER, see Loading the Session Resources.

Process Manager Resources

The following Process Manager Resources are available: