Solaris Common Desktop Environment: Advanced User's and System Administrator's Guide

Starting the Color Server

Session Manager serves as the color server for the desktop and provides the following set of dtsession resources that can be used to configure it.

foregroundColor—controls whether a pixel is allocated for the foreground color

dynamicColor—specifies whether read-only colors are allocated

shadowPixmaps—specifies whether colors are allocated for top shadow or bottom shadow

colorUse—limits color allocation

writeXrdbColors—specifies whether the *background and *foreground resources are placed in the resource database

You can set color server resources for all users by creating /etc/dt/config/language/sys.resources and specifying the color server resources in that file.

Users can similarly set color server resources for their own sessions by specifying color server resources in HomeDirectory/.Xdefaults.

For more information about setting color server resources, see Administering Colors.