Solaris Advanced User's Guide

Viewing User Information (rusers)

The rusers command (for remote users) shows you which users are logged in to other machines on your network. Type the rusers command by itself to display each machine on the network and the user(s) logged in to these machines.

$ rusers
starbug          user2 user1 root
earth            user1
venus					user3

Notice that three users are logged in to the machine starbug.

To display information on a specific remote machine, type the rusers command followed by the name of the machine.

$ rusers starbug
starbug          user2 user1 root

The -l option to the rusers command displays the following information.

$ rusers -l starbug
root       starbug:console       Oct 31 11:19         (:0)
user2      starbug:pts/7         Oct 31 11:20   40:05 (starbug)
user1      starbug:pts/13        Nov  1 14:42   17:18 (starbug)

You can also use the -l option without providing a machine name.

For more information on the rusers(1) command and its options, refer to the man Pages(1): User Commands.