Solaris X Window System Developer's Guide

DPS Extension

In addition to the X11R6 sample server, the Solaris X server includes the Display PostScript system. DPS provides X applications with the PostScript imaging model and with access to the Adobe Type Library. The Display PostScript system is implemented as an extension to the X Window System as part of the client-server network architecture; the extension is sometimes referred to as DPS/X [This section is based on Chapter 2 of Programming the Display PostScript System with X by Adobe Systems Incorporated (Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc., 1993) and is used with the permission of the copyright holder.] .

In the DPS system, the PostScript interpreter is implemented as an extension to the X server, and each application is a client. The application sends PostScript language code to the server through single operator calls, and data can be returned from the server in the form of output arguments. DPS client-server communication is implemented transparently using the low-level communication protocols provided by the X Window System. For more information on the DPS system, see Chapter 2, DPS Features and Enhancements.