Solaris X Window System Developer's Guide

Argument Types

XSolarisOvlSelectType is an enumeration defining two types of selections that can be done in XSolarisOvlSelectPartner. It is defined as:


enum {  XSolarisOvlSelectBestOverlay,  XSolarisOvlSelectBestUnderlay, }


XSolarisOvlVisualCriteria is a structure defining various criteria to be used during visual selection, along with indications of the stringency of the criteria. This structure is defined as:


struct {  unsigned long     hardCriteriaMask;

unsigned long     softCriteriaMask;

int     c_class;  unsigned int     depth;  unsigned

int     minColors;  unsigned int     minRed;  unsigned int     minGreen;

    unsigned int      minBlue;  unsigned int     minBitsPerRGB;

unsigned  int     minBuffers; }


hardCriteriaMask and softCriteriaMask are bitmasks whose values can be the logical OR of any of the following bitmasks:


XSolarisOvlVisualClass          (1L<<0) #define

XSolarisOvlDepth          (1L<<1) #define

XSolarisOvl			MinColors							(1L<<2) #define

XSolarisOvlMinRed										(1L<<3) #define

XSolarisOvl		MinGreen								(1L<<4) #define

XSolarisOvl			MinBlue							(1L<<5) #define

XSolarisOvlMinBitsPerRGB      (1L<<6) #define

XSolarisOvl			MinBuffers							(1L<<7) #define

XSolarisOvlUnsharedPixels          (1L<<8) #define

XSolarisOvlUnsharedColors          (1L<<9) #define

XSolarisOvlPreferredPartner										(1L<<10)