Common Desktop Environment: Style Guide and Certification Checklist

The About Dialog Box

The About dialog box is used to present version and other information about your application. Use as the dialog that comes up when the user chooses About <application name> from the Help menu.

Guidelines for the About Dialog Box

The About dialog box should contain a minimum set of information about the application that is visible in a single text pane.

That minimum set should be:



The About dialog box should contain a Close button. Other buttons are optional, such as Help and More. 

The following information might also be contained in the About box:



Information about the operating system or other aspects required to run the application, for example, Common Desktop Environment 1.0. 



A More Information dialog box for additional information such as development team credits, licensing, client or xhost information. 

Figure 7-8 Example About dialog box


Figure 7-9 About dialog box with a More button