Common Desktop Environment: Style Guide and Certification Checklist

Cancel Activation







Pressing the Cancel key stops current interaction in the following contexts:  

  • During a mouse-based selection or drag operation, it cancels the operation.

  • During a mouse-based scrolling operation, it cancels the scrolling action and returns the system to its state prior to the start of the scrolling operation.

  • Anywhere in a dialog box that has a Cancel push button, it is equivalent to activating that push button, except during a mouse-based selection or drag operation.

  • In a pull-down menu, it either dismisses the menu and moves the location cursor to the cascading button used to pull it down, or unposts the entire menu system. In a pop-up menu, option menu, tear-off menu, or menu bar, it unposts the menu system.

  • When the focus is in a torn off menu window, it closes the torn off menu window.

These guidelines for the Cancel key ensure the consistent operation of the key across applications.