Common Desktop Environment: Style Guide and Certification Checklist

Attachment Menu Contents








If your application uses an attachment menu, it contains the following choices, with the specified functionality, when the actions are actually supported by your application. 



Add File ... 

Selects files and other items to be attached. A file selection box is displayed allowing the user to select the desired files to attach. The default button in the file selection box is Attach. 



Save As ... 

Saves the currently selected attachments. The user is prompted with a file selection dialog box for indicating where in the file system the attachments are to be saved. When multiple attachments are selected, the name field is inactive and the current names of the attachments are used as the name of the new file. This menu item is active only when one or more attachments are selected. 



Rename ... 

Renames the attachment icon. The application should provide in-line renaming of attachment icons, such as File Manager uses. If the application cannot provide in-line renaming, then Rename allows the user to rename an attachment by displaying a dialog box, requesting the name from the user. This menu item is active only when a single attachment is selected. It is not active when multiple attachments are selected. 




Deletes attachments from the attachment list. This menu item is active only when an attachment is selected.  



Select All 

Selects all the attachments in the attachment list.