Common Desktop Environment: Style Guide and Certification Checklist

Mouse-Based Multiple Selection








If your application contains collections that follow the multiple selection model, BAdjust is supported and behaves just like BSelect, when the BTransfer button is currently configured to behave as BAdjust. 

On a three-button mouse, button 2 is typically used for the BTransfer (or BSelect) function. However, in a Common Desktop Environment environment, the user may change an environment setting indicating that mouse button 2 should be used for the BAdjust function instead. BAdjust can be used to toggle the selection state of elements under the multiple selection model. 



In a collection that uses multiple selection, clicking BSelect or BAdjust on an unselected element adds that element to the current selection. Clicking BSelect or BAdjust on a selected element removes that element from the current selection. Clicking BSelect or BAdjust moves the location cursor to that element.