Common Desktop Environment: Style Guide and Certification Checklist

Selection and Navigation



Double-clicking BSelect on an item in the contents list selects that item and activates the default action. In all cases, double-clicking BSelect on a directory in the contents list opens that directory and displays its contents in the contents list (the default action is Open). 

  • When the file selection dialog box is used to choose an existing file, double-clicking BSelect on an appropriate file in the contents List chooses that file and dismisses the file selection dialog box (the default action is Open).

  • When the file selection dialog box is used to choose an existing directory or to specify a new directory or file, the files list should not appear.



The normal text navigation and editing functions are available in the text components for moving the cursor within each text component and changing the contents of the text. 

These actions provide a convenient way to choose a directory or file name from the corresponding List while focus remains in the Text component. 



Your application allows the user to select a file by scrolling through the list of file names and selecting the desired file or by entering the file name directly into the file selection text component. Selecting a file from the list causes that file name to appear in the file selection text area. 

This method for selecting a file needs to be consistent across applications. 



Your application makes use of the selection when one of the following occurs: 

  • The user activates the command push button while an appropriate item is selected in the contents List.

  • The user double-clicks BSelect on an appropriate file in the contents list.

  • The user presses Return or Enter while the file name text component has the keyboard focus and contains an appropriate item.