Common Desktop Environment: Style Guide and Certification Checklist

Save As Dialog



When using the file selection dialog box in Save As capacity, provide a default name of Untitled, place the location cursor in the file name field and highlight the file name text to create a "delete pending type-in" mode. If the current directory already has a file of that name, create a name Untitled2, and so forth. 



When using the file selection dialog box in a Save As capacity, add a file name extension if the application supports file typing by extension, and make this extension visible in the file name field. Do not highlight the extension to create a "delete pending type-in" mode, but allow users to modify the extension or delete it explicitly. 

After saving a file using "Save As", the application should use that newly saved file as the current file, and all subsequent edits and saves should apply to that newly created file. 

The Save As dialog should use the same directory in which the current file resides.