Common Desktop Environment: Style Guide and Certification Checklist

Attachment User Model

Attachments are shown as icons where they are attached. These icons are the same icons as those used in File Manager and other places in the Common Desktop Environment. The basic rule of behavior is that if the same icon is used in File Manager as in an attachment, then every effort should be made to make the two behave the same in every situation.

There are three levels of functionality for attached documents:

  1. Ability to attach and detach documents

  2. Ability to open, view, and quit an attached document in a separate window

  3. Ability to edit the attachment in a separate window and save changes back to the attached document

The goal is to provide Level 3 functionality whenever possible. If an attachment cannot provide this level, then it should degrade its level of functionality in the steps shown. This section is written assuming Level 3 functionality.

If a document provides significantly different functionality as an attachment from that provided as a File Manager icon, then provide a different icon for the attachment to clearly indicate to the user the difference in functionality.