Common Desktop Environment: Style Guide and Certification Checklist

Keyboard-Based Navigation

The requirement to support Tab as a navigation key within groups of push buttons has been added to make keyboard navigation easier for users who have difficulty with the standard keyboard. This change is intended to reduce the number of side-to-side traversals of the keyboard (from Tab to arrow keys and back) that a user must perform to navigate within a single dialog box.



Each time a new window is opened, keyboard focus is placed in the first field or location within the window or in a default location, if this is appropriate for the particular window. 



The Tab key moves input focus between push buttons within a group. 

The arrow keys also move the selected focus per the OSF/Motif Style Guide, Revision 1.2. 



Use the Control, Shift, and Alt keys only to modify the function of other keys or key combinations. 



Use the Alt key only to provide access to mnemonics.