Common Desktop Environment: ToolTalk Messaging Overview


void         tttk_Xt_input_handler(  XtPointer     procid,
  									  int *         source,
  								 	  XtInputId *   id );

The tttk_Xt_input_handler() function processes ToolTalk events for Xt clients. Use this function as your Xt input handler unless you expect some messages not to be consumed by callbacks.

This function passes the procid argument to the tttk_message_receive() function and passes any returned message (that is, messages that are not consumed by callbacks) to the tttk_message_abandon() function.

If this function returns the error TT_ERR_NOMP, the tttk_Xt_input_handler() function will pass the id parameter to the XtRemoveInput() function.