Korean Solaris User's Guide

Using the iiim Server in ko.UTF-8 and ko_KR.UTF-8 Locales

The Internet Intranet Input Method Server (iiim) supports both European Local Input Methods using the Compose key and Asian Remote Input Methods that use IIIM Protocol. The default Language Engine is English/European which supports ASCII and some European Languages such as German and French.

To switch to other Language Engines, press CTRL+Space, as with other Asian Locales.

To switch to Korean Input Methods, click the left mouse button in the Status Area. The following Language Engine List appears:

The following Language Engines appear if their corresponding locales are installed:

After the Korean Language Engine is selected, you can switch between different Korean Input Modes in the same way as with the ko locale and ko.UTF-8 locale in Solaris 7. For more detailed information about each Korean Input Mode, see Chapter 4, "Entering Korean Input".